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Shake Rag Music Radio ~ Rare Vintage Recordings

Texas Musicians for your listening pleasure, Shake Rag Music Radio Presents a Selection of Original Songs by local Dallas artist and many 'Vintage Recordings' by past and present Texas Record Labels. Listen & Enjoy!

• Johnny Shake Rag
• Various Artist
• KNON Spots
• Bo & Jim Mornings
• Vintage Recordings
• TV Show Themes

((( Johnny Shake Rag )))
Original music by SRM owner John Gasperik and accompanied by several local Dallas artists.

John Gasperik & James Jernigan
Afghanistan Rock 4.12 mb
Only Blue 5.18 mb
Obviously Santa Fe 2.94 mb
His Masters Voice 4.38 mb

John Gasperik
Never No Tomorrow 3.59 mb
- Written by Nonnel

John Gasperik
Tomorrow Never Knows 3.61 mb
- Written by Lennon & McCartney

John Gasperik
Union Ave 2.68 mb
- Recorded at SUN Studios w/ James Lott on lead guitar

((( Various Artist )))
A selection of songs by Friends & Customers of SRM.

Rocky Athas & Nick Athas
Cinnamon Girl 3.38 mb
Honky Tonk Woman 3.48 mb
I Need You 2.87 mb
With A Girl Like You 2.58 mb

Rocky Athas & Walter Watson
Because 2.62 mb
Dear Prudence 4.36 mb
Paperback Writer 2.95 mb

Reverend Horton Heat
Big Little Baby 2.96 mb
Bullet 3.84 mb

James Jernigan
Cabin 5 3.34 mb
Flowing Wells 3.93 mb
Island View 4.48 mb
Plight of the Social Graces 2.63 mb
London Rain 3.81 mb

Johnny Lloyd Rollins
The Mourning After 3.51 mb
Miss Sugar Pie 2.84 mb
Sulphur Springs 5.13 mb
Let's Be Poor Together 3.50 mb

SRV & The Cast of Thousands - Tempo Records
Red, White & Blue 4.20 mb
I Heard A Voice Last Night 4.07 mb

The Mints featuring Jimmy Wallace - Tempo Records
Cant Be Free 4.18 mb
Were Friends 2.85 mb

From the TV show 'The Simpson's'
Canyonero 1.70 mb

The Muddcatts
Dream With Me 4.28 mb
- Written by Mark Nix
My Lisa 3.59 mb
- Written by Johnny Mandell
The Muddcatts

Polyphonic Spree
Hold Me Now 5.22 mb
Polyphonic Spree

The Red Hot Poker Dots
Saxapahaw 3.44 mb
Legend of Cowhide Cole 2.92 mb
- Written by John Gasperik for the KNON 'Rockabilly Review Show with Cowhide Cole'

The Vain
Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Live 3.38 mb

How Shake Rag Got It's Name

((( How Shake Rag Got It's Name )))
A&E Biography "Elvis Returns To Tupelo" 3.81 mb


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((( SRM Supported Links )))
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Bo & Jim Mornings

((( Exclusive )))
Bo Roberts & Jim White KZPS FM Dallas Texas
Disgraceland 1996 Interview with John Gasperik Owner of SRM 8.86 mb
Bo Roberts & Jim White KZPS FM Dallas Texas
Paul McCartney 2005 Interview 9.55 mb

Vintage Recording Artists

((( Vintage Recording Artists )))
Below is a list of 'Garage Sale Treasures' 45's & 78's recordings from Texas Artist & Labels.

Janis Martin 'The Female Elvis' - RCA Records
Two Long Years 2.74 mb
Love Me To Pieces 2.41 mb

Thunder (George) Jones - Starday Records
How Come It 2.80 mb
Rockit 2.66 mb

T. Valentine - Val Records
Hello Lucille, Are You A Lesbian? 2.51 mb
Betty Sue 3.31 mb

The Mark IV - Cosmic Records
45 RPM 2.53 mb
Make With The Shake 2.53 mb

The Showmen - Texas Record Company
Almost There 5.18 mb
Make Up Your Mind 3.03 mb

The Twisters - Felco Records
Speed Limit 1.86 mb
Count Down 1 2 3 2.43 mb

Cecil Moore - Sarge Records
Diamond Back 1.96 mb
Rise Shine 2.88 mb

'Lil' Ernie Johnson & the Soul Benders
- Ride Records
Loving You 2.57 mb
Doing Alright 2.82 mb

The Saucers - Kick Records
Flossie May 2.54 mb
Hi-oom 2.41 mb

Jack Lee & Jay Brinkley Combo
- Teenager Records
Misery 2.18 mb
Young and Dangerous 2.94 mb

The Raiders - Van Records
(It's a) Stick Shift 1.94 mb
Skipping Around 3.33 mb

Carl Canida & His Canadians - Creole Records
Party Date 3.66 mb
Our Little Park Bench 3.16 mb

Arthur 'Guitar Boogie' Smith - Columbia Records
Who Shot Willie 3.14 mb
Express Train Boogie 3.20 mb

Marty Robbins - Columbia Records
That's Alright Mama 3.12 mb
Mean Mama Blues 2.67 mb

Big Al Downing - White Rock Records
Down On The Farm 1.86 mb

Peppermint Harris - Alaidan Records
I Got Loaded 3.04 mb

The Bon-Airs - King Records
Stop The World 2.19 mb

Rick Ramirez & Dave Lindeman
- Sundail Records
Disco Music 3.66 mb

The Mints - Imperial Records
Night Air 2.91 mb

Billy Braggs
Chew Tobacco Rag 3.20 mb

Johnny Hicks - Columbia
Gotta Get A Guitar 3.08 mb

The Robins - Spark Records
Framed 3.25 mb

Golden Gate Quartet - Columbia
Shadrack 3.08 mb

Lavern Baker - Atlantic Records
Soul On Fire 3.70 mb

((( TV Show Themes )))
"The Andy Griffith Show"
1.14 mb
"Dick Van Dyke / Gilligan's Island" 2.74 mb
"Leave It To Beaver" 1.66 mb
"Twilight Zone" 1.15 mb
"The Munster's / Adams Family" 2.60 mb

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* All songs listed are copyrighted by John Gasperik, Bo & Jim Morning Show or by the individual artist listed.

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